Zhen Wang

Zhen Wang BA (Hons) Interior Design 2020

'C&T' has plenty of sunlight, the use of stained-glass windows allows the sunlight to be colored, which adds color to the interior design of the restaurant. The division of three different areas allows guests to have more choices. The part where the projector shines the food makes the restaurant more fun when there is no sunlight at night. The color bars that hang down from the ceiling make the whole space more dynamic, like entering a small space from a large space, and the feeling of each space is very fresh and interesting. This also allows guests to maintain a certain amount of freshness and goodwill during the meal, thereby facilitating their next visit.

The purpose of 'C&T' is to let people understand the life of color-blind people through food, so that more people know how these visually impaired people see the world and how they are different from ordinary people. Many people do not know whether they have color blindness or not. They can better understand whether they have these problems through the test at the entrance of the restaurant.

Some color-blind from birth have different color concept with others, it is likely to affect their physical and mental health so that they cannot communicate with others very well, the story corridor on the second floor can let other people know by reading stories to color blindness symptoms and the real stories of those people. Art area can encourage them to make food by themselves that the color-blind would see in the color-blind world, to feel and touch their world more directly. At the same time, the consultation room can also better help and remove the psychological barriers of color-blind people, so that they can better communicate with others.

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