Talulla Greenwood

Talulla Greenwood BA (Hons) Photography 2020

Talulla is an artist who combines photographic practise with the implementation of the internet, programming and AI.  She investigates new ways to highlight the changing society in which we live. 

Her project ‘nature’s internet’ aims to imitate the natural world through machine learning. Talulla constructed a fungi dataset and used the images to train a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). It questions whether a machine is capable of using innovative behaviour to form a new entity. The GAN has recreated images of the flowering mushrooms we see above ground; illustrating the biological communication network below the soil which connects entire ecosystems together. Fungi has been used in ancient civilisations, all over the world throughout history. The video explores the philosophy of Panpsychism highlighting the individual consciousness of Fungi visually through the use of technology and computer science; connecting together ancient forms of communication with contemporary practises.