Amber Mclernon

Amber Mclernon BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice 2020

My interest in escapism and illusive states of adventure has heavily informed my whole practice for the last year of my degree. When developing any projects my outcomes have a strong consistent focus towards graphic, illustrative designs through embroidery, applique and embellishment. My designs seek to achieve a playful, fun and adventurous atmosphere which is enhanced with my strong use of colour.

My final graduating project ‘Utopia’ aims to capture the serenity of a better world. Through creating a fun dreamscape inspired by natural structures within my designs, its atmosphere will revitalize the everyday, allowing adventure through illusive abstract forms into freedom and paradise. Using my unique illustrative embroidery style, these designs have been created for the fashion and interior industry.

My aims after graduation are to work in the textile industry developing designs for companies and studios for fashion and interiors.