Ameerah Dawood

Ameerah Dawood BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice 2020

There is a reason we feel so at peace around nature, it is because we are a part of it. This is a belief that has always influenced Ameerah's art.  Over time, we have drifted further and further away from our natural roots, distanced by our fast-paced, hectic, man-made world. 

Natural Soundscapes focuses on the calming aspects of our natural environments; specifically, the sounds that make up these environments. Running water, breeze passing through the trees, the varying calls of beautiful birds, are all sounds that take you away from the noise of the metropolis, and that provide the subject matter for her work. 

Using the sounds of natural environments close to her heart, Ameerah works with a variety of materials and methods to recreate the soundscapes she experiences in an abstract visual form. She aims to depict the calming sounds of nature, interweaving them visually to create harmonious compositions through careful use of colour and mark, to inspire meditative contemplation.

The collection of prints and fabrics has been developed with the specific aim to introduce a sense of calm to any interior environment.

Ameerah also adapts her work to gallery settings. Through considered use of space, scale, placement, and sound, she aims to create immersive experiences in which a viewer can become lost in detail to reach a meditative state.