Charley Mae Jenkinson

Charley Mae Jenkinson BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice 2020

I am a textile designer specialising in digital print intended for interior design. I enjoy finding inspiration from different aspects of life and therefore my concepts for designs are often varied resulting in an eclectic range of outcomes. I have produced wallpaper collections inspired by holidays in a traditional village in Catalonia, and by ancient Roman sculptures in the British Museum. I have created surreal alien landscapes for mural wallpaper after researching both the Japanese concept of 'Wabi Sabi' and Surrealism, and finally, coming across a 1949 Yardley's ad for women's face cream sparked interest in ads targeted at women around the 1950s, where I was surprised by the themes of body and gender stereotypes. For this project I wanted to celebrate the beauty of every shape of woman and their symbolic relationship with nature.

Throughout my time on Textiles I have challenged myself to approach projects differently. As a practitioner, I look forward to exploring and finding new inspiration for designs from different artists, cultures, movements and eras. Over the past year alone my work has been inspired by a range of artists from Matisse, Salvador Dali, Patrick Caulfield, Uglow and Rosetti, who all represent very different art movements and eras ranging from 1873 to 1972.

I find the process of building concepts around projects exciting as it allows me to create narratives that bring my designs to life. From visualising wallpaper intended for Stately homes of the likes of Chatsworth and Kenwood House, to bedding designs aimed at young women to creating my own kitchen interior composition, which showcases my designs being used as the wallpaper, tablecloth and jug print. The visualisations are my favourite part of every project because they transform your designs from two-dimensional to reality, which in itself is a concept I enjoy challenging.