Emily Peirson-Smith

Emily Peirson-Smith BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice 2020

I am Emily Peirson-Smith and I have specialised within mixed media and embroidery throughout my three years of studying Textiles & Practice at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have always been so inspired by creating one of a kind haptic textile pieces within the context for interiors, as I am constantly thinking of how to fill a space with a unique sense of creativity and elevate sensory engagement for its users. As I have matured as a textile designer over the course of my undergraduate textiles degree, I learned to consider the art of textile design more deeply and be aware about transforming a given space with my mixed media approaches using textiles, while constantly striving to innovate in my designs. Throughout my time as a designer and within my textile studies, I have consistently created mixed media samples and concepts for interior spaces with a unique combination of traditional and technological techniques, such as laser cutting, 3-D modeling, embroidery and beading. My design passion lies within creating three-dimensional surface structures and playing with the use of multiple mixed media approaches to create unique, ornate, sensory materials. Through this design practice I am consistently aiming to achieve unique, impactful designs within each unit and in response to the client brief. In my work I love to explore the different ways of using small and large scale materials to play around with functionality and form particularly when designing for interior spaces. My work is purely inspired by nature and natural forms of first-hand visual research. I aim to try and push the boundaries to create unique and ornate pieces for a specified interior which is why my collection is all for interior spaces. During my work this past year I aimed to understand the bigger context behind my work and will continue this creative journey in future within my Interior Design Masters degree.