Hattie Woods

Hattie Woods BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice 2020

Hattie is a Knitted textiles and Fashion Knitwear Designer. She begins each project by looking at her surroundings from a unique and personal perspective, documenting this with her use of photography and drawings to gather relevant information. These elements are used throughout the design process to express ideas and capture outcomes of the garment intentions. Hattie goes on to develop her ideas through experimentation and testing different materials and textile techniques, demonstrating a great level of ambition and a resourceful approach to fulfilling a brief. Producing a visually coherent and dynamic body of work she illustrates garments and gathers contextual information, that shows her understanding of design, creating clear and thoughtful solutions that conclude in a range of different textile outcomes.

The ‘UNMADE’ unisex knitwear collection, for Autumn / Winter 2021, displays Hattie’s most recent work with inspiration taken from the city; Manchester and New York. Looking at urban street style and skater trends, juxtaposed with a high fashion finish. Hattie starts with images of buildings and street art to produce key lines and patterns that have been translated into a diverse range of textile mediums. She creates detailing through embroidery, shape through knit and crochet techniques and colour and dimension through pattern and print. With a keen eye for colour Hattie works with a refined palette demonstrating a sensitivity to her initial subject matter, translating this to fabric form, ensuring the yarn choice and construction techniques reflect this.

Hattie choses a variety of methods to represent her subject matter working with traditional knitted techniques that complement the contrasting, utility style designs. This way of working means her creations stay current as these two factors remain relevant, giving them longevity.

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