Leigh Deans

Leigh Deans BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice 2020

Leigh takes a different approach to textiles as she actively tries to make us question the difference between luxury and necessity when we design and consume by embodying a an eco-conscious and sustainable manifesto. Over the past year Leigh has created a series of publications to help provoke conversations and initiate changes where necessary within the fashion industry. One of Leigh’s main goals is to create a platform for likeminded people to share their thoughts and ideas and redirect that energy back into the community to promote a greener lifestyle. Leigh’s work developed over the past year as she began to embrace activism and current affairs. Climate change has been a major influence in the way in which she works and has somewhat struggled to come to terms with the idea of producing more ‘stuff’ in a world  where resources are already so over exposed. Some of the images help to communicate the beginnings of a movement that Leigh has tried to initiate by actively standing against fast fashion and exploitation in an era of change, to embracing a smaller wardrobe by alternating different garments and ensuring quality over quantity to ensure endless satisfaction. Leigh maintains a sustainable fashion blog where she talks about events and other ways to get involved in making positive changes to your lifestyle regarding design and consumption, as well as an Instagram account that looks into the ideas of a post trend world.