Louisa Muir-Little

Louisa Muir-Little BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice 2020

Louisa Muir-Little is a material designer specialising in knitted textiles. 

Inspired by geometric shapes and repeats, Louisa creates 3-Dimensional textile pieces incorporating digital and hand processes.

Interactivity is a constant inspiration to Louisa, and this helps her development process, considering the tactile properties of her work. Working within a material exploration context allows her to explore these tactile properties and consider how people can become more connected to their environment through sensory design.  

The focus of Sensory Connection Part 2 was to consider how textiles could be used to create multisensory stimulation. The shapes and patterns within this body of work come from the shapes within circuit boards, considering how textiles could be used to create multisensory stimulation without the use of technology. 

Playful Linear was a project focusing on how knit can be used to create the forms and structures of origami. This project allowed Louisa to develop her technical skills on the dubied knit machine and to manipulate how double bed knitting can be used to create structure in knit. Through material testing Louisa developed her own technique to create these origami forms.

Louisa’s practice aims to challenge the perceptions of knitted textiles and push the boundaries of textile design.

Throughout her degree Louisa has developed a varied portfolio demonstrating her technical skills and creativity as well as showing she can work towards specific briefs. Going forward Louisa hopes to explore how collaboration could help to push her creative practice further considering the future of textile design.