Lucy Mccombe

Lucy Mccombe BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice 2020

My work explores the theme of community and interaction for less able individuals, ranging from those who have visual impairments to those who suffer from autism and mental health issues. I see my work as being multi-functional, therefore having a large variety of purposes and contexts. Throughout my final year I have used community spaces such as garden centres, allotments and children’s play parks to drive my research. My practice is made up of a multiple 3D drawing that transition my community research into layouts, progressing into the making stage. I enjoy taking on a more playful approach to designing and making by gathering random materials in order to make something tactile and fun. By using haptic approaches and techniques such as laser cutting, macramé and fabric manipulation It allows me to create multiple samples that are stimulating to feel. Volunteering for the RNIB and in a school for partially sighted children really allowed me to pursue my ambition to help others through textiles. I envision my work to create a ‘curiosity bubble’ that sparks a sudden urge of interest to my chosen audiences. In effect with this, bright colour choices and bold material decisions have been made. 

Throughout my time at university I have developed a passion for community, health and wellbeing contexts. In reflect to this in the future I wish to peruse a master’s degree in Arts for health and social change. Furthermore, I will also outsource commissions and begin to apply for jobs within the field of community arts.