Matilda Wheatley

Matilda Wheatley BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice 2020

As a practitioner, the context for my work is primarily for interiors, both printed textile and paper-based. I have a love for colour and bold shape and have a great eye for creating unique and complementary collections, using textures and unique motifs. For my Unit X project, I have been focusing my work around the development of Manchester as a growing city for architecture, inventions and machinery. My inspiration for my work has been the historic, industrial side of the city as well as combining this with contrasting elements, such as the modern side to it. I wanted to explore how Manchester has developed over time and to showcase the contrasts and similarities between these two visual aspects. For this project, I explored the industrial machinery from the Museum of Science and Industry, such as weave looms, printing presses, transport and original computer systems. Accompanying this, I also studied the modern new architecture and changing skylines of the city, such as the Beetham Tower, Deansgate apartments and Media City. Throughout this project, I have been heavily influenced by the artist L.S Lowry of which whom studied Manchester and Salford as a basis for his paintings. I have been inspired by his use of colours, which I adapted to create my first collection of designs. I understood the use of these colours reflected Manchester well, so I adapted this to my own work. The final outcome of this project was a set of 10 designs as a hotel collection, focusing on commercial designs for hospitality. This was in the form of digital designs, visualisations and client boards. I have also developed my designs in 2 supporting colourways, which is also within the same context.