Poppy Braddy

Poppy Braddy BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice 2020

Poppy is an avid, visionary and creative woven designer. Her graduate portfolio has been developed through re-exploring her design process by isolating the intrinsic principles colour and material separately. This allowed for the growth experienced during a transformative semester in Hong Kong to be represented in her practice. 

Underpinning Poppy’s whole practice is a love for the beauty in the overlooked and unseen, a passion and curiosity for exploring technical possibilities and an infatuation for the striking designs that are produced when the two are combined. The ability that design and tactility have to re-articulate specific experiences into a universal language is what drives Poppy to place her work into a site specific installation, art based context allowing for her work to act as a transcendent prompt for viewers to interpret uniquely and re-experience personal moments and memories. 

Poppy sets out to investigate the technical capabilities of triple cloth, jacquard weaving, laser cutting, cement and resin. These possibilities combined allow for the potential applications of produced designs to be challenged. Going forward Poppy aims to hone and develop her technical and creative proficiency during an MA. This will give her the opportunity to effectively example how these combined traditional and innovative techniques can challenge how woven fabric is interpreted and applied in the modern age, and its potential to lead the conversation in inter-disciplinary solutions to a more environmentally efficient future.