Sophie Jarvie

Sophie Jarvie BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice 2020

My work aims to provoke the imagination, question reality and broaden these possibilities through invitation to play.

Research into subject areas like maths, philosophy, science and psychology initiates a juggling of words and ideas in my mind, which then translate into different visual responses. This often involves abstract drawing and collaging, diffused throughout sketchbooks and photoshop. This expression helps to capture the connections that happen in my brain when grasping concepts. With the perpetual amount of ideas that flow through my head, I am suited to working in a team, igniting enthusiasm from the insight that comes from delving into my interests.

The overarching theme for my work relates to interaction and immersion. The act of visualising theoretical ideas conjures up a network of visual representation, stimulating further ideas about the manipulation of space in order to create emotion, wonder and illusion.

I am heavily influenced by collectives such as Archigram, The Surrealists and Optical Artists, all of which have shaped my way of thinking and helped to pinpoint the purpose of my practice, which is, fundamentally, to encourage play and intervene normality. These concepts have become particularly relevant during lockdown, where the limitations of physicality have intersected with adaptations of working digitally, forcing resourcefulness in all aspects of life. This has helped to progress my practice in a distinctive way, where application in areas such as virtual reality and game design has emerged.

The epitome of my goal is to spark freedom and curiosity in others; the essence of my colour palette is used to reflect this energy too. Impact on the mind, not only appreciation from the eyes, is important in engaging my audience.

Openness of the mind activates creativity, something I believe is integral for the evolution of our society.