Hannah Rachel Amy Gell

Hannah Rachel Amy Gell BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design 2020

By studying at the Manchester School of Art I have begun developing a portfolio of work, which showcases my practice of being a mixed media designer-maker. This body of work shows the various skills and techniques I have developed, which often depend on the type of work I am creating, this can range from resin and metal work to textiles, glass and ceramics - creating work which goes from contemporary wearables to vessels and obje d art. My work overall is quite conceptual and often explores hidden messages, meanings and stories. These are often linked either to personal subjects or to subjects that I feel a connection with and believe are important issues that need to be highlighted and addressed – these have included  age related memory issues as well as illnesses like (Dementia and Alzheimer's) which are the topics I’m currently working on - other issues I have  work on in the past have linked to things such as: mental health and well-being and ocean pollution (to name a few).  Before I begin any of my physical creative processes, I first start by gathering research into elements such as context, existing materials and processes from both the past and the present. I then use this research to inform which materials and processes would best suit the type of work I want to produce, this then in turn informs rest of my creative process such as designing, further material explorations and lastly my end results. When working on any project, whatever the material/process is, the aspect I enjoy the most is the physical making of the work. I just love being able to use my hands in order to develop my existing skills, techniques and knowledge as well as explore new ways of working that I have never tried before.