Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design 2020

My work can be described as a contemporary blend of small scale production design with traditional craft skills. Over my time on the course, I have honed the skills that have allowed me to create a variety of functional furniture pieces and unique homeware products. My work is heavily inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics and draws influence from geometry and Industrial design. For my final project, I decided to take on the challenge of redesigning and manufacturing the tables and plinths used to display my courses work at the degree show and New Designers. As these pieces needed to be mobile I decided to utilize a design I had previously developed earlier in the year to achieve this goal 

The KUSABI Clip. A simple and easy to use construction tool of my own design. With a simple ‘click’ this contemporary evolution of the mortise and tenon joint creates a secure but removable connection between two inter-sectioning parts. (see video below for more). Perfect for furniture that needs to be transported from event to event. These digital furniture concepts may not have been the final pieces I dreamed of when joining the maker course, but the work I have produced for this final project stands as proof the past 3 years have not been a waste. These concepts show my ability to overcome difficult situations and demonstrates the skills I have gained from the course. 

My next career steps are unclear right now but it's safe to say I won't stop making any time soon!!