Yushin Park

Yushin Park BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design 2020

Yushin Park is a 3D design course student, Manchester school of art who has been studying since 2017. I am a person who loves creating furniture design especially interested in wood and using geometric shapes for furniture design. I love furniture being a tool to express the stories, thoughts and emotions through furniture.

The theme of works I designed is 3D-2D-3D. I am involved in creating furniture which is inspired by Sea life aquarium in Manchester. All the shapes, patterns and textures which are used in furniture design remind of the sea such as coral, fishes, rocks. I have not designed furniture like a styrofoam stool or a concrete furniture before which was a first try. I experienced a lot of things this year which helped me to improve my skills, materials test and knowledge. The idea of a styrofoam stool came up with the word ‘abstract’. For example, this stool would be uncomfortable in office, school and so on. But what I focused on was that people would try it for their emotions, challenges or experiences as I said above.