Saima Rasheed

Submission to the Sketchbook as an Art Piece category.

My final outcomes rely on utilizing the sketch/drawing resources I have developed over the previous months or decades. I often doodle on individual pieces of paper and pin these on the wall for reference when required. The process of my work, which can be painstaking, follows in the tradition of Persian and Mughal miniature painting. This tradition has its own stylistic conventions which requires regular practice. My work in this field is derived from regular observational drawings from life, photographs and historical references/paintings. For the final work I copy these sketches/drawings onto tracing paper. This allows me to unify the scattered sketchbook images into single compositions. Tracing paper plays a very big role into the final execution as it allows me to move the images around to try various compositional arrangements. I treat the sketchbook as a personal space/diary. Alongside my drawings I jot down my ideas and thoughts as they unfold.

Instagram: saimarasheed_artist