Duggie Dundas

With the aid of electronic components and digital manufacturing techniques, Duggie Dundas is a designer and new media artist who creates machines and devices. As well as using design to find answers, Duggie invites his audience to ask questions, encouraging them to be curious. His aim is that they will rediscover the joy of playing and exploring – asking ‘How does this work?’ or ‘What is that made of?’
Why does he do this you ask? Well, that’s just encouraging him.

Here’s a series of short videos about me and my work.

Automated Chime of Arrival is a robotic xylophone that creates a soundtrack to the school of art, orchestrated by its footfall. A series of sensors and other inputs are placed around the building and, when triggered, plays a single note on a large xylophone. The concept exploits the traffic of the building. Are there any daily patterns? Can a melody be created without being organized? Do students really get into uni for 9am?

Designed to aid the awkward conversations that occur when waiting for lifts, The Joke Elevator alleviates all uncomfortable moments. On demand, a coin operated drummer plays a sting (or ‘badum tiss’) to emphasise your joke, fill an awkward silence or just give you some appreciation for your attempt at humour. Created in quarantine from some IKEA draws and other things I had lying around at the time.

Claps for Craps is a machine that applauds you for doing your daily business. Upon entering or leaving the public toilets, one motorised silicone hand slaps against another, giving the passer-by appreciation for their most recent creation.