Tom Gladstone

In my practice I aim to create ethical design that is calming and has a positive impact on our lives. My current project is a collection of individual aroma diffuser forms. With this collection I aim to engage an audience in an ‘evolution’ of my organically inspired designs for the purpose of creative advertising.

The reed diffuser forms have been inspired by the qualities of lavender i.e. it’s form and texture when  examined under a microscope. To add to the sensory experience, I have experimented with movement in the collection, this enables particles of aroma to extend further, much like the far stretching scent of lavender blowing in a breeze when it is in a natural setting.

Understanding that smell is our strongest sense in relation to our memories, it has been exciting to explore this further in my work.  I have spent this year developing ‘make it at home’ fragrance making apparatus. Using this same apparatus, I have been creating my own aromas. In this video I discuss my work, and show the process I employ to produce my collection of diffusers.