Sophie Jarvie

The overarching theme for my work relates to interaction and immersion, ideas that rely on the senses and space. With the effects of lockdown, I have learnt to play with these elements using digital tools, visualising ideas through manipulation on Photoshop and exploring new mediums such as photography and video. This has led me to understand interaction and immersion in a different manner, perceiving it in a more fantastical way, scooping out the depths of the mind and the imagination. 

While the tactility of making and drawing is still explored throughout my research, the development of my work begins when it is translated into the dimensions of digital space. In my video, I am immersed in my expressive creations and embody my artistic identity, echoed evidently by my colour palette. I have captured the playfulness that keeps my imagination going, a key concept that drives my practice and its aim to influence other people.  

Please watch my video to see more…