Josie Hunt

My name is Josie Hunt. I am graduating from the BA (Hons) Photography course at Manchester School of Art. My practice focuses on human interaction and communication. Take a look at my videos to find out a bit more about me and my practice. 

My first video consists of me discussing who I am as a practitioner as well as what my most recent body of work is about. I explain how I have adapted my practice in light of COVID-19. The video also features some visuals of my work, as well as what I’ve been up to since the lockdown was implemented.

This video is around fifteen minutes long and it consists of my partner talking about racism and his experiences via a Skype call, without any interruptions from me as I stay silent throughout and focus all of my attention on listening. He is in control of everything, from the topics he chooses to talk about right down to the editing process of the video; he has the final say. This aims to dissolve the power dynamic surrounding racism, where a white person is stereotypically and historically seen as the one in the position of power.