Ruth Fildes

Through my sketchbook art, I strive to capture the nitty-gritty of everyday life. I see the beauty, and have so much awe and wonder, for what some might see as the mundane or the ordinary. This helps me to stop and to appreciate the most important things in life, which for me are family and home. I am forever captivated by the human form and body language, and indeed with the face, which offers such a deep insight into the soul.

This little book holds many precious and spontaneous drawings from life and captures home life, and a little of my work life, from December last year through to the end of March of this, and of course this just touches on my personal experiences at the very beginning of lockdown. It will be interesting of course to compare this book to previous and subsequent recordings of life at this most unusual time in all our lives.

Instagram: @ruth_jo_wills