Nadire Gokmen

Fascinated by both materials and surface, my process led practice is inspired by observations of our man made, material environment. The urban landscape is simultaneously dotted with traces of our presence in, and separation from nature. Orange hues that stream the exteriors of steel, to darkened stains on a wall suggest the recurring passage of water and exist now, as traces, that physically display a passed action or the progression of time. Working predominantly in ceramics my work often draws inspiration from and creates connections with a given location. My material explorations are led by an interest in capturing how materials surfaces can be altered through natural processes and human interaction. 

This video is development of my proposal, displaying the ideas and processes behind my installation for the Vertical Gallery. 

‘Cross Sections’, foldable handout

Whilst working from home, I decided to develop the one aspect of my proposed installation, Urban Trace, in which I had the ability to do so with the materials and facilities I have available to me. To accompany my installation, I have proposed to produce handouts that will display the surfaces of all the steel sheets and on the reverse the tapes that have been used to fix them to the ground. This handout will be able to be taken by the exhibition viewers flattening the physical objects back to an image state. With time to focus solely on this aspect of the project, I have developed my original design into a foldable book. The handout can exist as an A4 sheet and an A6 book as well as being folded in a variety of ways to allow the images of steel to be cut into sections, where direct comparisons of the sheets’ varied surfaces can be made.